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About Malawi Airlines

Malawi Airlines Limited is the national flag carrier of Malawi. It is a registered partnership company with shareholding between Malawi Government (51%) and Ethiopian Airlines (49%). Malawi Airlines operates B737-700 and Q400 Aircrafts with direct flights to regional cities of Johannesburg, Lusaka, Harare and Dar es Salaam, besides domestic flights between Lilongwe and Blantyre.

The Airline offers warm and friendly services to make customers feel at home. In addition to promoting the image of Malawi, through its activities, the airline is playing vital role in the economic growth by facilitating access for tourism, investment, enhancing trade and generates and save hard currency for the country. With its excellent on-time performance, baggage handling services and in-flight services, Malawi Airlines provides value for money services to all destinations it operates.

Malawi Airlines is known for its on-time performance and friendly in-flight services that allow our passengers experience the warmth that makes Malawi the Warm Heart of Africa.


The price of a ticket includes the transportation of a certain amount of baggage in the cargo hold of the aircraft. This allowance differs depending on the booking class and the destination.

On Malawi Airlines free baggage allowance is set by the weight or piece concept whichever is applicable to the sector.

Please note that the maximum weight limit per single baggage is 32 kg for business class and 23 kg for economy class on all flights across the Atlantic (outbound and return, as well as transfers). Baggage exceeding this weight limit will not be accepted for check- in.
This regulation does not change the maximum weight limit for the free baggage allowance.

Additional baggage fees may apply in the event of a stopover on an international itinerary.

Special equipments required by incapacitated passengers with the passenger, and/or should be readily and immediately attainable at transfer and destination points.

Passengers traveling with their own folding wheelchair or assistive device may request it to be carried in the passenger cabin where storage facilities are available. Such request will be handled on a ‘first come first served’ basis. Where such facilities do not exist, the wheelchair or assistive device will be loaded in the baggage hold where it is easily accessible for timely return to the passenger.

If crutches, canes and similar walking aids are stored in a special location in the cabin, the user of such aids should be assigned seats nearby, to permit quick access to the aids when needed.

An infant, not entitled to a seat is allowed to 10kgs of free baggage allowance and in addition one fully collapsible stroller/push chair, which may be carried in the passenger cabin subject to availability of space.

Infant, paying 10% of the applicable fare and not occupying seat is entitled to one checked bag (piece) weighing 10kgs,the sum of the 3 dimensions of which does not exceed 45 inches (115cms) plus one fully collapsible / pushchair, which may be carried in the passenger cabin subject to availability of space.


Cabin Carry-on Luggage

For business class two (2) pieces each weighing 8 kgs is acceptable free of charge.
For economy class one (1) piece with a maximum weight of 7kgs is acceptable free of charge. In both cases the carry on baggage should be suitable for placement in the over-head rack or under the passenger’s seat. The sum of the three dimensions (L+W+H) shall not exceed 115 cm and/or 45 inches.

In addition, passengers may also carry free of charge, items of personal effects for use in flight, as listed below:

A handbag (Laptop bag), pocket book or purse.
A small camera and/or a pair of binoculars.
A reasonable amount of reading material for the flight.
Infant’s food for consumption in flight.
Infant’s carrying basket.
A fully collapsible cabin wheel chair and/or a pair of crutches, and /or braces or other prosthetic device provided that passengers are dependent on them.
One laptop with out accessories and attachments

Check in

Check-in for domestic Malawi Airlines flights opens 90 minutes before departure and closes 30 minutes before take-off. For international or regional Malawi Airlines  flights, check-in opens two hours before departure and closes 50 minutes before take-off.

Always allow yourself ample time to check in before flying. You never know what kind of hold-ups you may encounter on your way to the airport, and Malawi Airlines has a strict ‘no refunds’ policy for passengers that fail to check in on time.

On Board

Malawi Airlines offers comfortable economy class services on its B737-700 and Q-400 series.

Appropriate light snacks to full course hot meals are served on all flights, together with a wide selection of fine wines and alcoholic beverages.

Every passenger enjoys Malawian hospitality and individual attention that makes his/her flight memorable.


As a courtesy to our passengers, Malawi Airlines provides the following Amenities onboard. Such items include:

Slumber shade
Tooth brush
Tooth paste

The idea that flying should always feel special has inspired a new class of travel aboard Malawi Airlines, ‘cloud nine.’ An expression which means a feeling of extreme well being or elation, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


As a courtesy to our Cloud Nine Passengers, Malawi Airlines provides Amenities onboard. Such items include:

Tooth brush with cover
Tooth paste (Colgate)
Lip balm (Rochas)
Moisturizer (Van Gills 5 ml)
Eye shade
Ear plug
Shaving kit
Shoe horn

Malawi Airlines also provides various kinds of magazines as part of its Cloud Nine services including:

Tiyende Magazine

In the tradition of Malawian hospitality we ensure that our passengers are well looked after on board our flights.

Depending on the route, the cabin and time of day, of a flight, passengers will have a service of a hot meal, hot or cold snacks, or light refreshment on board. Passengers will have a selection of wines to go with their meals. Additional choice of drinks, that includes, beer and soft drinks, is available throughout the flight on complementary basis.



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